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There are so many birds sitting in shelters and rescues. Some parrots are surrendered because of life changes, and others are given up by owners who had no idea how demanding it can be to live with a “two-year-old with wings.” If you are seriously considering opening up your life to a parrot, please don’t overlook those that are in shelters waiting to be adopted into loving homes. They may not be the young little birds you could get from a breeder or pet store, but they do need the same love and care and still offer many years of companionship. Jessica Hagedorn
Rescues and Shelters
LIFE WITH BEN  A Story of Friendship and Feathers
By Jessica Hagedorn
Jessica is working toward her degree in veterinary technology and holds her master's degree in educational psychology. She spends her free time volunteering at a local parrot rescue where she cares for and rehabilitates parrots in order to find them permanent, loving homes. Currently, she shares her home with her dog, cat, and four amazing parrots.
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